About Us

Partners in Development provides consulting and other services to help organizations perform better with team members that do not work in the same room.

About Partners in Development

Partners in Development is the leading virtual team consulting firm, committed to strengthening the skills and performance of your team’s leaders and members. We design our services to build long-lasting solutions to the challenges of virtual team management.

We are a network of experienced performance leaders, committed to helping organizations raise their industry position and profitability. We work with you to establish best practices and processes to improve virtual team excellence. We offer a variety of performance improvement solutions:

  • Consulting to identify workplace performance obstacles and methods to overcome them
  • Specialized development of virtual team leaders and members
  • Customized leadership and management development training
  • Customized training design, development and delivery
  • Executive coaching, team building

Our Leadership

Founder & Principal Partners in Development Lee JohnsenPartners in Development is led by Lee Johnsen, Founder and Principal. Lee has a 20-year record of successfully guiding organizations toward increased productivity and solid work relationships resulting in substantial growth. He has held officer and management positions in Fortune 500 corporations as well as government agencies, and has worked internationally to assist organizations in developing their team members. His expertise encompasses executive coaching, leadership and management development training, performance improvement consulting, and leadership of virtual teams.

Our Mission

We find the untapped potential within organizations, and help you see that potential for yourself. We aim to be a valued business partner to organizational executives by increasing the performance of their team members and heightening bottom-line results. We work with you to align people, processes, and technology so that you will accomplish your goals and grow your business.

Our Clients

  • Principal Financial Group | Partners in Development
  • Novartis | Partners in Development
  • Allied Insurance | Partners in Development
  • W.R. Berkley Corporation | Partners in Development
  • Marsh | Partners in Development
  • American Management Association | Partners in Development
  • Monitor Liability Managers | Partners in Development
  • Owl's Ledge, LLC | Partners in Development
  • Continental Western Group | Partners in Development
  • Civic Center of Greater Des Moines | Partners in Development

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