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Tracking and Assessing Virtual Team Performance

Assessing results is a key component of our Partners in Development Long-Distance Leadership ModelTM. This model represents the prescribed stages and steps within each stage that, when followed, create a path that dramatically increases the chances for success. Many virtual teams struggle to reach high performance levels, especially at first. In this Tip of the Month […]

The Right Hybrid Mix

In previous Tip of the Month issues we discussed the growing trend of hybrid teams—teams that are composed of some members who are co-located in a workspace and others who work remotely. These teams provide both challenges and opportunities for their leaders and the organizations they serve. This month we will explore the correlation between […]

The Challenges and Opportunities of Hybrid Teams

An industry-wide study of virtual team trends shows that 41 percent of U.S. employees work remotely full-time. Today, more and more team members spend part of their worktime onsite and part of it remotely.  Many teams themselves are composed of a mixture of remote workers and onsite employees. In fact, hybrid teams are quickly becoming […]

Introduction to Hybrid Teams

Some team members work together in the same location 100 percent of the time. Others work together, but from different locations. Perhaps more common than either of these are hybrid teams, a mix of onsite and virtual team members.  Our next Tip of the Month series will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of […]

Following Up on Virtual Team Meetings

Partners in Development offers a clear structure for effective virtual team meetings. This structure is fundamentally different from in-person meetings, as it recommends spending 70 percent of meeting time on preparation, planning, and executing. In this month’s Tip, we discuss what the remaining 30 percent should be designated for. In our last Tip of the […]

Optimizing Your Virtual Meeting

Last month, in our first virtual meetings Tip, we discussed that one of the best practices for virtual meetings is that half of your time should be spent in the planning before the meeting even begins. In part two of this series, we introduce you to the best practices for the actual meeting portion. In […]

Planning Your Virtual Team Meeting

For the second quarter of 2019, our Tip of the Month series focus on everyone’s favorite topic, managing virtual meetings. Partners in Development’s Long-Distance Leadership ModelTMprovides a framework for conducting these meetings using best practices. Research shows that a for a typical in-person team meeting, a common practice is to allocate 10 percent of the time […]

The True Difference between Coaching and Mentoring

A study by RW3 Culture Wizard found a discrepancy between the perceived value of mentorship, and the ultimate implementation of a mentorship program. In this month’s Tip of the Month, we differentiate coaching from mentoring and how mentoring expands development opportunities for virtual team members and builds engagement. 89 percent of U.S. employees in an […]

Coaching for Performance

During our series on coaching, I have offered tips for coaching virtual team members and reinforced why organizational leaders should practice coaching, and how they may be missing the mark by not holding regular one-on-one conversations with their team members. In January, I helped leaders lay the foundation for planning and initiating one-on-one coaching conversations […]

Coaching for Performance

When I was conducting research for my book, Literally Virtually: Making Virtual Teams Work, I came across an interesting statistic. More than half of the workforce has no clear measures to assess their performance. This month’s Tip of the Month helps develop the right approach to one-on-one coaching sessions. How to Approach Coaching Sessions In the […]

The Importance of Executive Coaching in the Virtual Workplace

The global marketplace today puts a heavy emphasis on maximizing the output of its resources. Organization pour billions of dollars each year into analyzing and improving their internal processes and operational performance. What about their human performance? In previous Tip of the Month editions, I’ve highlighted some of the differences between leading virtual teams as […]

Battling the Effects of Worker Fatigue

Welcome to our Virtual Teams Tip of the Month series, where we tackle the challenges of working in the virtual team environment. For the final part of our 2018 series, we discuss the topic of employee engagement, as it relates to the topic of fatigue in the workplace. Last month, we discussed the prominent topic […]

What Employee Engagement Really Means

Welcome to our Virtual Teams Tip of the Month series, where we tackle the challenges of working in the virtual team environment. This month, we discuss the topic of employee engagement, and what it truly means for your virtual team’s performance. Employee engagement is a phrase often thrown around with regard to improving work performance, […]

Building Emotional Trust into Your Virtual Team

A remarkable 28 percent of United States employees feel that their work team does NOT build relationships when working together on their assignments. These employees, which make up over a fourth of the entire U.S. workforce, feel they are missing one of two forms of trust. Both forms are a necessary ingredient in creating high-performing […]

Enhancing Role Clarity in Virtual Teams

When virtual team members are separated by time and space, the clarity of team members’ roles and expectations may decline by as much as 62 percent. Given the decrease in role clarity, it is clear why virtual team leaders must be intentional and specific when assigning roles to team members. Co-located teams that transition to […]

Building Trust Over Large Distances

This is part one of our three-part Tip of the Month series on virtual team building activities. This month’s article addresses the issue of building trust amongst your virtual team members when they are separated by time or space. When virtual team members are separated by distance, research suggests that trust between these members declines […]

Fostering Diversity that Drives Innovation

This is Part 3 of the 3-part series for Tip of the Month about diversity and inclusiveness.  This month’s blog concentrates on Forbes Insight’s finding that 85 percent of employees believe diversity is crucial to innovation. When leaders of organizations—large or small—seek better optimization, they often look to innovate specific systems and processes within the […]

Do Remote Workers Feel More Left Out?

The Harvard Business Review’s Nov. 2017 study of over 1,000 employees revealed trends of remote workers reporting more feelings of being left out than in-office workers. Many companies have turned to remote work as a solution for potential efficiency and productivity benefits. Yet, hazardous costs may loom over these organizations, many of which stem from […]

Loneliness in the Workplace: Tackling Loneliness in the Mobile Workforce

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on diversity and inclusiveness.  Recent research from the Harvard Business Review indicates that the feeling of loneliness may be deteriorating performance in the workplace. Despite some notions that technology makes people more connected, data suggests otherwise. According to the report, at least 40 percent of adults in […]

Six Strategies for Improving Your Virtual Team – Foster Trust

Trust is the bond that holds work teams together. Given that principle, it’s no wonder why 86 percent of virtual team employees say that the level of trust is important to their virtual team. Outside of effective performance, building a trusting team carries other benefits, too. According to the 2014 Global Workforce Study, employees must […]

Six Strategies for Improving Your Virtual Team – Team Cohesion

Forty percent of virtual team members define leaders as anyone who fosters an influence over a group, regardless of direct reporting relationships. To virtual team members in the global marketplace, team cohesion is not a measure of who leads a team the best. Rather, it is the full group cohesion that fosters progress and success. […]

Six Strategies for Improving your Virtual Team – Incorporating the Three Cs with Virtual Team Members

What traits should virtual team members possess to become valuable contributors? Human resource executives will agree that teamwork is essential to any organization reaching their goals. However, working in a virtual team adds a level of complexity to an already multifaceted organization. When virtual team members are dispersed across the nation (or the globe), they […]

Six Strategies for Improving your Virtual Team – Two Paths to Select the Right Technology

How does technology factor into the performance of a virtual team? With the global workplace becoming saturated with various forms of media, selecting the right technology to accomplish team objectives should not be entered into unadvisedly. A mismatch of technology to a team can slow performance, add ambiguity and result in ambivalence. Additionally, the number […]

Six Strategies for Improving Your Virtual Team – Building High Engagement

How do you know if your virtual team members are fully engaged? Creating high engagement within a team is no small challenge for any leader. The complexity of this challenge increases for leaders of virtual teams. Due to the absence of opportunities to have direct and frequent visual contact with all members, virtual teams are […]

[POLL] Critical Skills for Virtual Leaders

Leaders and members of virtual teams face many challenges that are distinct from co-located teams. Many virtual teams may fail to meet their goals, yet, with training and leadership that is adept at managing these differences, recent research shows that virtual teams have a high ability to meet or exceed business goals despite these unique […]

3 Steps to Prepare for an Engaging Virtual Meeting

Whereas the majority of face-to-face meeting time is often spent in the actual meeting, best practice for managing virtual meetings requires at least 50% of time on planning and outlining the meeting structure. Why is this the case? Our roles as facilitators and meeting leaders requires getting everything and everybody prepared ahead of time so […]

The ONE Thing About Getting Perspective

As a virtual leadership consultant, I have traveled the globe to speak to individuals about leveraging group dynamics, overcoming cultural differences and how to build stronger relationships with team members regardless of distance. It’s hard work, but I enjoy it and I find that I learn something new about different people each time I interact […]

How Much Longer Can Your Organization Afford Classroom Training?

A few weeks ago I attended a three day training session in Dallas, TX. Between the time I left my house and when I arrived at my hotel,over six and a half hours had elapsed even though it was just under a two and a half hour flight. No doubt I would have arrived at […]

It’s been nice knowing you

That’s what my friend, said when I told him I had taken a work assignment in Saudi Arabia. Though in different words, his reaction wasn’t unique. I’d never been to Saudi Arabia and what I’d heard in the news, saw in pictures, and read, made me wonder what it is like. I’m an American consultant […]