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The ONE Thing About Getting Perspective

As a virtual leadership consultant, I have traveled the globe to speak to individuals about leveraging group dynamics, overcoming cultural differences and how to build stronger relationships with team members regardless of distance. It’s hard work, but I enjoy it and I find that I learn something new about different people each time I interact with them during my presentations.

One place I’ve always wanted to travel to was Australia. It has escaped me for years, as I’ve put aside this goal to continue working on my business and helping the businesses of many others. However, last December, I was presented with the opportunity to finally see Australia and New Zealand. The experience would be roughly three months long, so I wondered what I would do about my business? Would I miss out on opportunities and potential business while I am away? Sure, I would take my laptop, but what about the time difference? What if the internet signal was not great? I was racked with these questions, but ultimately, I knew I had to make a decision.

Discovering The ONE Thing

I made the decision to travel to Australia, and I even had my family to accompany me for the trip. After a stop in Hawaii, we made our way to Australia and New Zealand via a cruise ship, and I used this time to do a little reading. One of the books I brought with me was The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. I had heard great things about this book, and I was not disappointed. I won’t give away the entire text in case you’d like to read this on your own, but Part 3 talks about how our productivity is driven by our purpose and priority. We aren’t productive simply because we need to be; we are driven by other factors to work to our potential.

Our purpose sets our priority and our priority determines the productivity our actions produce. – Gary Keller

I started thinking about this statement from the perspective of a virtual leadership consultant. As a virtual leader, you need to understand the purpose of your team, not only as a group, but as individuals. Once you understand their collective purpose, you can prioritize how they can best work together to achieve a goal and be productive in their actions.

I also envisioned this statement from my own experience – I asked myself “what is the ONE thing I can do in my life that would mean the most to me right now?” Taking a step back to recharge my batteries, spend time with my family and finally see Australia was it. This allowed me to return home with fresh perspective and purpose to pursue new goals.

What is the ONE thing you need to set the purpose of your team? Share with me in the comments and enjoy some snapshots of my most recent travels!



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