Leaders, whatever their professions of harmony, do not shun conflict; they confront it, mediate it, at times exploit it, and ultimately embody it.

MacGregor Burns


Face-to-Face, Instructor-Led Courses
Dealing with Conflict

Results-based Questions Addressed in this Course

    • What are your roles in expressing, mediating, and even exploiting conflict?

    • What are the five conflict resolution styles and when are they best employed?

    • What collaboration process will produce the most buy-in and turn conflict into collaboration?

    • How do you start those difficult conversations to confront and mediate conflict?

    • What proactive measures can you employ to help teams address conflict before it begins?

Leaders implement change. And with change often comes conflict. Conflict, like change, is inherent in organizational life. Leaders must be able to deal effectively with conflict for team productivity. Dealing with Conflict provides leaders with the processes and the language to reach personal and organization goals through conflict.

Who Should Attend

Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Informal Leaders and Employees.

How You Will Benefit

After successfully completing Dealing with Conflict, participants will be able to:

    1. Understand how and why conflict is often part of a leader's attempt to influence individuals and teams toward goal achievement.

    2. Identify the three most pervasive types of conflict and how to deal constructively with each type.

    3. Explain their dominant style for dealing with conflict.

    4. Apply each of five conflict resolution styles appropriate to the right situation for maximum advantage.

    5. Use a proven collaboration strategy they can apply immediately at work or at home.

    6. Speak a language of leadership for beginning difficult conversations around conflict.

    7. Apply an action plan for improved performance on the job.

Excellent discussions. Lee kept the groups on track and aligned with the curriculum objectives. The “real life” role play was great—practical and I can apply the learnings to my work environment. Thanks much!

Jann Ow, Oakbrook, IL



Session Length Options

This course is delivered in either a 4-hour or full-day session with a more complete coverage of topic and considerably advanced skills building offered in the full day session. The course is also offered as an instructor-led, five week blended e-learning course.

Advanced Preparation

To enhance the level of learning-to-performance, we ask participants to complete basic preparatory work in advance of the course. This includes completing a self- or multi-rater Conflict Style Inventory and reading a research-based article on leading through conflict.


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