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[POLL] Critical Skills for Virtual Leaders

Leaders and members of virtual teams face many challenges that are distinct from co-located teams. Many virtual teams may fail to meet their goals, yet, with training and leadership that is adept at managing these differences, recent research shows that virtual teams have a high ability to meet or exceed business goals despite these unique challenges.

According to an ATD poll, employees were asked to identify the critical skills for leaders in a virtual environment and, specifically, how they were different from leading in a collocated environment. Based on the responses, the most critical leadership skills for all leaders are identified as the ability to:

  • establish and meet metrics for work projects and goals
  • be extremely clear with goals and directions with a constant focus on the big picture
  • work with a high degree of complexity
  • promote organizational commitment

The critical skills that are considered the most different in leading a virtual environment include the ability to:

  • use process facilitation skills for meetings
  • monitor team progress over time
  • balance work and life based on 24/7 accessibility
  • establish and maintain trust in a diverse environment with multiple cultures

We would like to get your feedback! In which of these virtual leadership skills does your company need to develop? We will share the results with you in our next blog post.


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