Blended e-learning reduces expenses and improves performance

The Situation

Our company is a leading provider of commercial insurance services and expertise to a wide range of businesses throughout the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. With employees in multiple locations across the U.S., we needed to find an effective way to develop our managers and supervisors without incurring high travel expenses. Partners in Development helped us to do that.


Partners in Development listened to our needs and delivered customized, blended e-learning courses that enabled our leaders to participate in high quality, effective training without the time and expense of travel. In these courses, our employees obtained self- and multi-rater assessment feedback, participated in webconferences, threaded discussions and solved case studies as members of virtual teams. All courses provided one-on-one online coaching and one course offered every participant a personalized telephone coaching session. Not only was the course a great experience for our employees, the course content was a top-notch mix of sound leadership and management theory with real-life examples and current issues. And after every course was delivered, Partners in Development used participant and client feedback to continuously enhance the products and service they could provide.


After participating in the courses offered by Partners in Development our evaluation results showed that over 90% of our employees felt confident that they could apply the skills they learned to situations with team members. In addition, over 90% said they would recommend these courses to their peers. We are confident that our managers and supervisors are better leaders today because of their participation in our leadership and management development curriculum. Partners in Development played a key role in making this happen, and at a price we could afford.

LuRae Crawford, Manager, Workplace Performance
Continental Western Group, LLC

Project Details

ClientContinental Western Insurance Company