Civic Center of Greater Des Moines

The Situation

We initially contacted Partners in Development to assist us in improving our customer service. As a community performing arts center, we knew the importance of developing and maintaining excellent relationships with new and returning customers. Rather than simply offering a “canned program,” Partners in Development first got to know us and how we work with our customers. They interviewed staff and gathered information through a survey to identify the key areas for improvement and how we could best leverage our resources. This needs analysis proved invaluable to not only improving service, but also to increasing sales. We also learned of opportunities to become more efficient and effective across departments.


With information from the needs assessment, Partners in Development created customized training programs for our employees that focused on the specific ways in which they could improve service. By bringing together staff from various departments, we identified new ways we could gain efficiencies and we developed more of a sense of teamwork. Partners in Development worked with us to identify and improve our sales work processes and to create procedures of best practices, including an updated ticket office manual.


Following the service and sales training sessions, our employees started implementing many of the ideas that emerged. They worked together to find ways of solving long-standing problems and inconveniences for our customers. We saw a reduction in the number of customer complaints and a boost in sales and efficiency. Partners in Development helped us to expand our potential to our customers and the community.

Judy Winkelpleck, Chief Operating Officer/Vice President
Civic Center of Greater Des Moines

Project Details

ClientCivic Center of Greater Des Moines