Partners in Development Helps Boost Marketing Department Performance

The Situation

We contacted Partners in Development to assist the marketing department of our company—a leading insurance broker and risk advisor. The department was experiencing significant growth and consolidation of services. The consolidation meant that employees in one location would not be transferring and we could lose valuable information about work processes and best practices. We also had several new employees coming aboard and we needed to get them fully productive ASAP.


While we initially thought we needed to invest our resources in training, Partners in Development helped us recognize the value of documenting our key work processes and best practices. Once that was done, we could proceed with employee training to maximize their learning. Over a period of weeks, the Partners in Development consultants assisted us by interviewing our subject matter experts and clearly documenting their best practices. Let me also say that this was no small task. Our procedures are highly complex, detailed and involve a number of resources, including outside vendors and suppliers.


The final deliverables included online documentation that served as a “go to” point for our employees to quickly access the most up-to-date information. Partners in Development also designed the training modules and trained our internal subject matter experts to deliver them directly to our employees. This has led to increased productivity of new and experienced staff, improved customer service and reduced expenses due to re-works. In addition, we can update the materials ourselves.

What we appreciate about Partners in Development is that they were easy to work with, very thorough, and focused on the results that provided the greatest impact. We were very pleased with the results we achieved.

Tonya Graham, Sr. Vice President
Marsh U.S. Consumer—National Growth Leader

Project Details

ClientMarsh U.S. Consumer