[GUIDE] Cultural Dimensions

Working Virtually

[GUIDE] Cultural Dimensions

This document is a companion to my video titled Bridging the Distance. Bridging the Distance focuses on the influence of culture on global virtual teams. The video is in two parts. Part 1 describes some of the challenges and successes of global virtual teams and the impact of high complexity on these teams. Part 2 looks at some of the differences among cultures and provides five actions to boost team performance.

This quick reference guide offers a summary of Geert-Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. It is a handy reference when working with others from other cultures to understand differences in perspectives.

I hope you find this information informative and inspirational. At Partners in Development, we look forward to assisting you and your virtual teams in getting on the fast track to high performance. We can support you by providing tools, assessments, training, and coaching to take your team to the next level.

If yours is a new team, we help you get started and on the right path. If you have a team that’s been together for a while, we can help you assess performance and identify strategies and tactics to engage your team members and pull them together.

Cultural Dimensions


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