Introducing Literally Virtually: Making Virtual Teams Work

Introducing Literally Virtually: Making Virtual Teams Work

For the past several years, I have dedicated my life’s work to discovering the key differences that lead to success for remote workers and virtual teams. Knowing those differences has led me to create a model and a process for high performance. To support the model, I have created tools, techniques, assessments and trainings to address these differences. This book represents a compilation of many of them. There are many more to be discovered and I look forward to sharing these with you in the future.

We are all remote workers. Who today doesn’t use technology to communicate with our families and coworkers? We email, text, leave voice messages, video conference with friends, children and grandchildren and participate in social media to both share and receive news from those who are important to us.

Even though we leverage the power of virtual communication, we often default to doing so as if we are always face-to-face. There’s a difference. Literally Virtually is filled with best practices to help you and your virtual workforce members not only survive, but to excel, including:

  • How to build trust from a distance,
  • Best practices to leverage communications technology,
  • How to avoid underestimating cultural differences,
  • How to align virtual members behind the team’s purpose and vision,
  • Creating and maintaining virtual team engagement, and
  • An introduction to the Long Distance Leadership™ model

Literally Virtually is available on Amazon and everywhere eBooks are sold.


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