Partners in Development provides leadership and management consulting and expert services to assist organizations achieve higher levels of performance. We help your team members communicate like they’re in the same room, even when they’re not.

You hire us to produce breakthrough results; we help you move from good to great performance in your virtual workplace. Our tools and systems have helped thousands of organization leaders break through the unique challenges of a mobile workforce.

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Driven by our mission and vision, Partners in Development works closely with our clients to fully understand your needs. We implement solutions that add value to your virtual team. Our services include consulting, virtual team curriculum, customized training and coaching and tools and assessments designed to develop your team’s performance.

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Literally Virtually: Making Virtual Teams Work

Lee’s new book, Literally Virtually: Making Virtual Teams Work is here.

We are all remote workers.  Who today doesn’t use technology to communicate with our families and coworkers? We email, text, leave voice messages, video conference with friends, children and grandchildren and participate in social media to both share and receive news from those who are important to us.

The book is  filled with best practices to help you and your virtual workforce members not only survive, but to excel.

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Our work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our professional services, we will – at your option – either waive professional fees, or accept a portion of the fees that reflects your level of satisfaction.

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